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Welcome to the Surety Bond Application Wizard. To start, fill out some basic information

Check the boxes to indicate yes to the questions that apply.
If the answer is no for the questions, please proceed to the reason for the bond.

The applicant will be responsible for the full amount of the bond, not the insurance company, and will provide a deposit of the entire bond amount to be held for 3 years.

Step 2: Provide the vehicle information

Step 3: Fill in the party information

Current Owner (Buyer) - Primary

This is the individual applying for the bond


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Any correspondence, including the bond, will be sent to this email address

Alabama Resident Address

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Current Owner (Buyer 2) - Secondary

This is the individual applying for the bond

Previous Owner (Seller)


Under penalties of perjury, the undersigned hereby certifies that all information contained in this application for Surety Bond is true and correct in every respect; furthermore, that the undersigned is aware of all requirements provided by Section 32.8.36, Code of Alabama 1975

This text field is used to electronically sign your application. Please type it the same as you entered your name in the Primary Owner fields (First Middle Last Suffix).

If a law requires a signature or record to be notarized, acknowledged, verified, or made under oath, the requirement is satisfied if the electronic signature of the person authorized to perform those acts, together with all other information required to be included by other applicable law, is attached to or logically associated with the signature or record.